Global Missions

Building Church is committed to meeting the needs of the lost and hurting, both at home and abroad.  We partner with organizations that provide emergency help to those in desperate need and that plant churches with a heart of compassion, generosity, and love.  As a local church in Huntsville, we are committed to give, go and do what it takes to fulfill God's plan for the world.  Around the world, the Church is growing at an explosive rate.  One prominent Christian leader has estimated that more than one billion people will come to faith in Christ over the next decade.  More than 4,000 new pastors are needed every month to keep up with the current rate of spiritual growth.  We are committed to sacrifice, dream, pray, give, plan and make our best effort to take the message of Jesus to the world.

We are excited to obey Jesus' command to preach the gospel to the nations as we plant churches and train leaders both in America with ARC and globally with SURGE.




Mission Trips 2018

Short-term missions trips impact both the world (see Mark 16:15–20) and those who go on them (see Isaiah 43:10).

We are partnering with Surge to help encourage local churches and pastors, bring new people into relationship with Jesus, and leave a lasting impact. Stepping into the adventure of a missions trip will change your life forever. Though it requires a commitment of time, money, relationships, and emotions, it will give you a global perspective of what God is doing and stir up a passion inside of you. Be open to stepping out in faith and going on a short-term missions trip. These trips are available to anyone.

To sign up or find out more information on any of our mission trips, email .