Our Goal

Our Purpose: Building Church was founded to proclaim hope to the unchurched and the disappointed. Worshiping God with sincere expression and sharing the good news of Jesus, we desire to help people connect with God and prepare them to fulfill their purpose and God-given destiny as whole-hearted believers of Jesus.


BC Mission: To tell everyone, everywhere about Jesus.

BC Vision: To see everyone living a Jesus-first life, growing spiritually, and living missionally.

Building Church exists for those who do not know Jesus yet. We exist for the lost, the hurting, the abandoned, and the rejected. We exist for families that are broken and individuals that are looking for a family. As you connect with God in a personal way, your life will become one of love, hope, passion, joy, and peace. Our goal as a church is to help guide you into the fulfilling life that comes from a relationship with Jesus. The Church exists for you.

Our Goal: Our ultimate goal is to fulfill the Great Commission of taking the life-giving message of Jesus to our city, our region and the world. To accomplish this goal, we are training leaders to plant churches and campuses locally and globally. We want to impact our city with a positive message, reach people for Christ, disciple them and empower them to fulfill their God-given purpose.

Our Mantra: These four steps are the DNA of Building Church. They are our driving forces as we aim to achieve our ultimate goal.

BELONG - At Building Church, we love and welcome everyone at every age from every background.

BELIEVE - Throughout your journey of coming to believe in Jesus and then growing in your relationship with Him, we want to help you and be with you every part of the way.

BE BUILT - Teaching and ministry from Sunday mornings, Discovery, and life groups are some of our channels for rebuilding broken lives.

BECOME - As you become who God created you to be, not only will your newfound life impact you, but your life and testimony will impact the lives of those around you, and together we will reach the world for Jesus.



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